Evil Black Women…Single for a Reason

I Woke up pissed off so I’m about to vent my frustration and give some insite on why black men are interested in black women for one thing and one thing only, SEX…nothing else….for good reason…

Black Women are dillusional, selfish, unrealistic, and darn right evil. I’m talking about the majority not all but an extremely high percentage.

Why do you think there are so many single black women now-a-days. Why do you think single black women clique up prey on married women like venomist snakes or black widows. The women in this category are very bitter, very lonely, and demonic or evil. Black women think because they have a big ass and big titties that men should become there slave instead of partner. First off I’ll give you an example, the next sexy and beautiful black women you see pay attention to her. The first thing you’re going to notice I’d the attitude written all over there face. The reason for this is she thinks because she is so sexy that men will do anything to be with her. This is semi-true. Men will put up with this only until they get want, after that it’s on to the next one. Why because women have no respect for for the black man.

Case in point, take that same sexy black women and change her environment. Put her in a nice area with any other race than black and watch that attitude change from the walk to the look. Watch how’s she smiles and how cordial she is as. The first thing you’ll notice is how open and friendly she is. You’ll notice she is on her best behavior she rarely uses profinity in this environment because it might chase off an opportunity. Once she gets what’s she’s looking for then she really puts on the charm. The problem with this is the Black Women will never get there full fulfillment because these men from other races want the same thing Black Men want which is sex a d that’s it. Black women get frustrated when all there charm all there ass all there tits and all of there beauty can’t coral a husband. For the most part as far as other races go, the word out on black women is go have your fun and move on, that’s it no marriage no house and white picket fence. This makes theblack women very angry and always have. Now they feel that all there left with is fur brothas. So they lie to them, argue with them, when times get tough they leave and look for the next. If they see you don’t want them long term then they’ll create the master plan and get pregnant not for her own sake but to destroy someone else’s because there not getting the attention they’re seeking. My point is other races are what they want and black men I’d what they settle for, the weak ones they can control or the old ones they can use.

News flash American Black Women, Blavk Men are tired of this type of philosophy and behavior so they seek out other races for comfort. Unlike black women black men dont have nearly problem of black women in finding a spouse. Other races yearn for the strength of black men and women from other races do everything in there power to treat the black man with love and respect. Instead of disappearing when times get rough they’ll do what they can to help, instead of trying to tear the black man down they’ll try and build him up. When a man goes out into the world every day to make a living there a lot of bs that has to be dealt regularly, the last thing you need is to come home to some evil foul mouth ass black women complaining and fussing while you had a hard day at work.

The bottom line is this: BLACK MEN are tired of these type women that’s why with black women it’s only a booty call and nothing else, that’s why there so many single black women and lesbians because black men have already moved on. No more are black men interested long term with this type of women. The type of women if she doesn’t get what she wants that will call the police lie and TTY to have you put in jail. FUCK this type of black women and I hope they stay miserable for the rest of there lives.

My vendictive black ass x-wife is pregnant with a child, she said if was mine, I then find out she’s been cheating on me, I leave and don’t want to have anything to do with her. All my interest is, is the kid. But since I dont want her anymore she’s trying to keep me from having anything to do with the soon child to be by not returning emails or phone calls designed to see how the pregnancy is doing. What she think she’s doing is hurting me she think she’s going to make my life miserable and she thinks she’s going to dictate my relationship with my child.

First and Foremost, a DNA test will be done once she tries to serve me with any papers. 2nd I’m not going through any Riga-miru behind this. If it is my child I will take care of it my way not her way. this childish behavior thinking of herself in stead of the child is typical for the black women. Her mj d state is forget the raising of a child all I won’t to to is get back at him, as if the child is nothing but a trincket, when in reality the child is the only important thing here and his or her future is all that counts, but Bkack Women don’t see it this way that’s why:

Black Men don’t marry Black Women they are not marriage material, they are material and everything comes after that. You Black Women don’t hVe my sympathy you have my pity.

Just keep those sexy black bodies in shape the sexiest bodies on earth and we’ll keep dipping. There nothing more perfect in the world than a nice shaped fat ass that’s the only thing a black man wants from a black women.

Black Women you brought it on youself so live with it.


6 Responses to “Evil Black Women…Single for a Reason”

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  4. harry long Says:

    black women

  5. wandfundrike Says:

    Well some body have open there eyes to reality one lest brother the person system want have AMAN. Now how can we get the black woman to see her self as seen by others,that she change for the better . She is still the mother of the black nation. WITHOUT HER THERE IS NO BLACK NATION. We must and have to reach her mind, her brain, her soul, and heart,and just keep LOVEING HER LOOKING FOR NOTHING IN RETURN THEN LOVE HER MORE LOVE THE SPIRIT THAT SHE HAS IN HER. LOVEING GOD FRIST THEN LOVEING HER IN THE SAME WAY GOD LOVES US. THE WORLD MAY NOT GET BETTER BUT SHE WILL. THEN LET PRAY FOR OUR BLACK WOMEN THAT MAY FIN GODS LOVE.

  6. Vonne Monai Says:

    They are conceited, plain and simple:)

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